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People with a passion for business often find that franchising is a fast track to reach their growth goals. As investors grow their fledgling businesses, their capital helps develop your enterprise. Once you take the bold leap to sell multiple franchise opportunities, you’ll want some type of support to continue your growth trajectory. Whether you do that in-house with a sales team, through a brokerage firm, or with a franchise sales organization is up to you. Outsourcing your franchise sales to Pinnacle offers a unique pathway to increasing sales while at the same time, freeing up your time to focus on branding and development.

What is Franchise Sales Outsourcing?

One way to get started in the franchise sales process involves outsourcing the task to an experienced company that can support you from recruiting franchisees through closing leads. A franchise sales outsourcing company, or “FSO,” manages all the recruiting events, promotional materials, documents, disclosures, and face-to-face Discovery Day activities.

The Pinnacle team works with any franchise leads that come in for a brand from the initial “hello” to the end agreement signing. We lift the burden of vetting all candidates and explaining the brand off of your corporate team, so you can focus on running operations and keeping current franchisees happy. Our representatives serve as your brand liaison, validating qualifications, guiding candidates through the sales process, communicating with broker groups, and strategizing in line with your growth goals.

What’s it Like to Work with a Franchise Sales Representative?

At Pinnacle, a Franchise Sales Representative assigned to your account will:

  • Study the franchise brand and the franchise disclosure document (FDD) inside and out
  • Host webinars, attend conferences, and hold recruiting engagements on your behalf
  • Leverage relationships with brokers to represent your brand in lead generation efforts
  • Provide ongoing support to keep a steady pipeline of candidates franchisees flowing and closing

Advantages of Outsourced Franchise Sales

Large franchises with aggressive growth timelines often oversee franchise sales with an in-house team, but most startups, small, or mid-sized franchises seek support services. With outsourced franchise sales, you:

  • Save time – as our team vets initial inquiries, holds lead events, and communicates with prospects
  • Save money – as an in-house rep with our level of expertise would cost over $100,000 + benefits
  • Reduce commitment – a one-year agreement can be terminated easier than an employee
  • Gain expertise – with pre-established relationships and processes shared with your corporate team
  • Drive growth – our support allows you grow exponentially, while focusing on developing your business

Gaining Support from a Franchise Sales Organization vs. a Franchise Broker

A franchise sales organization is similar to a franchise broker in that both handle lead generation and evaluation. Franchise Brokers work closely on the candidate side of the process to assist them in conducting due diligence for multiple franchise opportunities with the end-goal of placing them with the right fit in their future business, whatever that may be.

Pinnacle’s role is to support the franchisor side of the discovery process and work alongside both the broker and the candidate to educate them through our process. We are looking for a good fit for our franchisors as well. Communication between the FSO and Franchise Broker throughout the process is vital to building ongoing relationships and continued closed deals.

Why Choose Pinnacle for Outsourced Franchise Development?


With over 40 years of combined experience owning franchise brands, our team is equipped to take your franchise sales to the next level of success.


Our team has decades of experience in franchising, building brands from the ground up all the way through reigniting momentum for existing brands. Our proven strategies have grown young brands to hundreds of locations. Learn more about our franchise development services.


Entrepreneur Magazine voted us “Top Franchise Supplier” in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Not only are our clients ranked among the fastest growing brands, but we’ve won Broker Group Awards for Commitment to Excellence, Top Closing Ratio, and Top Performance.

entrepreneur's top franchise supplier winner 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022


We help franchisors from the ground up. Under our direction, Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids grew from eight locations to 100 with another 400 currently in the signing process. Fitness Machine Technicians grew from 2 franchisees to 47 franchisees with 106 locations, Clothes Bin from 0 to 60 territories, Petbar from 1 to over 50 locations, Chick’nCone from 2 to over 50 locations.


We leverage our pre-existing industry relationships to network with consulting firms and brokers. Our team hosts events, webinars, conferences, and outreach engagements that attract committed prospects.


We genuinely believe in becoming a partnership with our clients. Each Pinnacle Franchise Development Manager is hand-selected for their background experience in the industry, eagerness to enhance a process, broker relationships, and personality fit with the client.

Interested in exploring your options further? Contact Pinnacle Franchise Development for a free consultation.