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You’ve built a successful business – congratulations! Now what? Take that business to the next level through franchising. Sounds scary, right? Like deciding to climb Everest, you shouldn’t go it alone. It entails training, preparation and support to reach the top. That’s where Pinnacle Franchise Development comes in.

Pinnacle has more than 28 years of both franchise development and consulting experience. We understand the inner workings of a successful franchise and how to get you there. From sales and legal to marketing and branding, Pinnacle ensures that you have all your bases covered to create a thriving franchise system.

Franchising your business is a fast and efficient way to expand. But to do it properly requires a strong system and attention to detail. Errors in the beginning could cost you countless hours of effort and thousands of dollars. Let our experts lead you on the path to taking your business to the top in the franchise world.


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Networking & Industry Experience

The entire staff at Pinnacle has a long history in the franchise industry. Our established relationships will get your brand in front of the right people faster.

Dedicated Development Team

Our development team will work one on one with you to understand your brand and represent it for maximum growth.

Branding & Marketing Support

A strong brand needs impeccable marketing to stay relevant in any industry. Our marketing team will collaborate with you to show your brand in its best light.

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  • Nick Boarui, Clothes Bin COO

    Pinnacle's organizational and communicative processes are impeccable. Situations that may cause great stress for others are considered formidable challenges and become accomplished missions by the Pinnacle team.

    Nick Boarui

    COO Clothes Bin Watch Nick's Video Testimonial

  • Marc Douglas, Clothes Bin Chairman

    We've had some tremendous growth and sales, the whole Pinnacle team has really done a great job for us. I don't know that we would have had the same type of results if it wasn't for Pinnacle and our relationship with them.

    Marc Douglas

    Chairman Clothes Bin Watch Marc's Video Testimonial

  • Neal Courtney, CEO Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids

    I'm a huge fan of Pinnacle, they add a ton of value. I'm also a huge advocate for outsourcing sales, I think it allows the leadership team to go out and focus on the franchisees and the other parts of the business.

    Neal Courtney

    CEO Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids Watch Neal's Video Testimonial

  • Alexis Courtney, COO Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids

    I would highly recommend Pinnacle, they've been a great partnership and we've had a ton of success. We're so grateful that we've been able to find them and work with them.

    Alexis Courtney

    COO Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids Watch Alexis's Video Testimonial

  • Don Powers, CEO Fitness Machine Technicians

    I have been franchising for 7 years. We don't need to go into my 5 years of mistakes after mistakes after mistakes. My Franchise business did not turn around until I met with Lory Meyerson and the Pinnacle Team.

    Lory is always up front and quite honest. Even if I didn't understand something, she would take the time and explain it to me.

    It's also very important to have a good relationship with your Franchise Development Representative, and I certainly do with Sarah Brown and Pinnacle. In the first 3 months after our launch, we had 3 new Franchisees, and 5 other that said "yes".

    Don Powers

    CEO Fitness Machine Technicians

meet the team

  • Lory Meyerson


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    Lory Meyerson, President

    Lory has over 15 years of business and franchise experience. Her background allows clientele a unique opportunity to work with a franchise expert who understands all aspects of franchising. Lory’s experience includes playing key roles in growing franchise companies from the ground level to becoming a market leader, in addition to implementing business development systems and processes aimed in assisting mature franchise concepts with new innovative ideas to strategically grow their brand and ultimately reach the next level of success.

    Lory’s areas of expertise include:
    • • Assisting businesses that have a desire to become a franchise
    • • Existing franchise concepts with their FDD preparation
    • • Implementation of marketing and operations
    • • Hiring
    • • Territory selection processes
    • • Franchise relations
    • • Business development/sales
    • • Offering guidance and direction for long-term growth strategies

    Lory has maintained principal roles throughout her career. She has owned her own small business for 8 years in the legal industry then acted as the Vice President of Business Development for two national franchise companies for 6 years, went on to establish a successful franchise consulting firm for the past 3 years, in addition to being an owner herself. Her passion is assisting future prospects and taking them through an extensive and informative research process within the franchise model of their choice. Lory is also knowledgeable in dealing with prospects from foreign countries that have an interest in exploring business ownership in the U.S. while at the same time obtaining their visa status, from E2s, L1s and EB5s.

  • Ashley Mason

    VP, Marketing and Technology

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    Ashley Mason, VP, Marketing and Technology

    Ashley has over 15 years of marketing experience and nearly 10 years in the franchise industry. Her passion in both marketing and franchising are deeply rooted in creativity. Her goal at Pinnacle is to understand the culture each franchise wants to convey, then make that message come through consistently in all representations; whether that be through presentation, print or digital marketing. She works closely with each Franchise Development Representative to portray every brand to the highest standard and maintain effective communication with candidates and broker networks.

Our Executive Team

Lory Meyerson leads Pinnacle Franchise Development. She brings experience from all facets of the franchising industry. She is an energetic individual that is known for their quick response rate, attention to detail and one on one support for each and every client she meets. Ashley Mason heads Pinnacle’s creative and technology team to insure our brands are represented at their best. She specializes in brand identity and postioning.

Our Franchise Development Team

Eric Edwards and Sandy MacIver are members of our Franchise Development Team representing our ever-growing list of brands. They both bring a deep knowledge in multiple facets of the franchising world to make them ideal additions to the Pinnacle family.

  • Eric Edwards

    Eric Edwards

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Eric Edwards, Franchise Development Representative

    Eric has a long-standing history in the franchise world. He began his career as a Dairy Queen franchisee in South Carolina, then moved into development for various QSR concepts. Here he was able to establish remarkable growth for each brand that he took on. He loves finding the perfect fit for both the franchisor and the franchisee to achieve optimal, long-term success.

  • Sandy MacIver

    Sandy MacIver

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Sandy MacIver, Franchise Development Representative

    Sandy MacIver has had a hand in all aspects of franchising as she gained years of experience with a leading franchise system from the ground up. During this time she successfully brought on many franchise owners as well as assisted with ongoing franchisee support. She found that franchising is a great fit for her because she finds true enjoyment by helping others become successful, and is a complete “solution driven” person.

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Sarah Brown, Franchise Development Representative

    Sarah Brown is a franchise brand ambassador and Sales Consultant with Pinnacle. Sarah has been in the franchising world in a variety of roles for over a decade and she is passionate about working with candidates to find the best fit and helping people explore their dream of small business ownership.

    Sarah proudly represents franchises in the wellness space. These franchises are a great fit for Sarah since she is passionate about health and fitness. Sarah helps candidates explore franchises and discover their unique positioning, strong franchise systems and support all wrapped up in ground floor opportunities with wide availability.

    Sarah’s background in both franchising and wellness related industries make her the ideal fit to represent these franchise systems. She was a Franchise Owner as the Regional Developer for Synergy HomeCare where she owned the state of Colorado and grew the concept from one location to five in three years and successfully sold her business and moved to Las Vegas. Sarah has also been a Franchise consultant, and she understands how to best help professionals conduct due diligence and find the best opportunities that fit their skills, goals, and lifestyle.

    Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, she was an executive at Boston Market, Supply Chain Director for General Mills. She also served in the Navy for five years. She is a Rotarian, is active in the community and has a passion for dogs and her family (not in that order), and just celebrated her 27th anniversary.

    Sarah reads 2-3 books per week and highly recommends taking free Coursera courses. She is an avid kickboxer and trail runner and enjoys all things outdoors.

    Sarah is a PMP (Project Management Professional), has an EMBA from the University of Minnesota and a BS from the United States Naval Academy. Go Navy!

  • Frank Morrison

    Frank Morrison

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Frank Morrison, Franchise Development Representative

    Frank has over 18 years of experience in franchise recruitment, coaching and consulting. He provides franchisors with tools and expertise to create breakthroughs in franchise development and leadership.
    His specialties include:

    • • New and resale franchisee recruitment
    • • Lead generation & qualification
    • • Acquisition and Conversion
    • • International Master and Multi-unit development
    • • Non-traditional development
    • • Strong franchise consultant relationships
    • • Franchise consultative sales, due diligence and mutual evaluation process design & execution
    • • Firm understanding of behavior styles, Certified Master Coach

Our Franchise Development Team

Sarah Brown and Frank Morrison come from a long history in the franchise industry and both hold a strong passion for growing new brands. Their reputations and experience in the industry make them huge assets to the Pinnacle Team.


Diane Wright and Danielle Wright Kimble add even more experience to our franchise development team with diverse backgrounds in multiple forms of entrepreneurship and real estate. Both are committed to finding the right fit for both the franchisor and the franchisee for ultimate success.

  • Diane Wright

    Diane Wright

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Diane Wright, Franchise Development Representative

    Diane Wright has more than 25 years of franchising experience, which includes being a franchisee, a master licensee, and a senior-level franchise executive. Since 2001 she has been president and CEO of Innovative Franchise Services, Inc., a franchise consulting firm in Tucson, Arizona. Ms. Wright is a past president of the Arizona Licensor/Franchisor Association. She now brings her expertise to Pinnacle Franchise Development contributing to the strategy, implementation and growth of one of our newest brands in the family.

  • Danielle Wright Kimble

    Danielle Wright Kimble

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Danielle Wright Kimble, Franchise Development Representative

    Danielle has over 11 years of experience in franchise development from sales and recruitment, management, construction, real estate, and administration. Danielle has an enthusiasm for the franchise industry and is always looking to help entrepreneurs and franchisors find the right fit for their growth planes. "The key to a successful franchise partnership is working together to achieve ones goals.”

  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Franchise Development Representative

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    Chris Brown, Franchise Development Representative

    Chris has been in the franchise world for more than 20 years, beginning as a master franchisee with a rapid growth and healthy food/service brand. His passion for franchising is strongly rooted in developing strong culture brands, seeking to make a difference and influence trends in their respective spaces. As a brand developer, Chris has relied on his experience as a franchisee to help gain a perspective and relation to exactly what a candidate might be seeking to understand. He’s benefitted from being a part of some amazing teams, like Menchies Frozen Yogurt, helping them to develop into a dominant global franchise brand. He is eager to work with people and groups that share his passion for growing business through the franchise model, leveraging the strengths and talents of each other to succeed.

  • Coleman Welch

    Coleman Welch

    Franchise Support Specialist

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    Coleman Welch, Franchise Support Specialist

    Coleman has a strong background in operations and organization. He has been in the franchising industry for 5 years focused on franchise development and lead management.

Our Franchise Development Team

Chris Brown serves as a Franchise Development Representative at Pinnacle. Chris assists in every step of becoming a new franchisee including the discovery, education, and on-boarding steps. His passion for franchising is strongly rooted in developing strong culture brands, seeking to make a difference and influence trends in their respective spaces. Coleman Welch assists the team and keeps things running seamlessly. He specializes in lead management and organization.

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