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The team at Pinnacle Franchise Development works closely with many franchise brokers on behalf of our brands. Brokers play a vital role in securing the right investor for a franchise. And with hundreds of franchise concepts to choose from, we regularly present concepts to franchise referral consultants. We help give them the information they need so that they can provide the best options for their clients.

We pride ourselves on our direct personal relationships with brokers. We communicate regularly to ensure all the brokers we work with are kept up to date with the latest franchise information so they’re well-prepared to present our brands to potential investors.

What is a franchise broker?

A franchise broker, or “franchise referral consultant,” helps match interested investors with the right franchise opportunity. They provide education about franchising, find an ideal business model, and present the brands that fit both the client/investor and the franchisor.

Franchise brokers offer their services free of charge. After a thorough analysis of the potential investor’s skills, budget, interests, and personal resources, they determine which brands suit their clients best. After the company is chosen, it’s up to the franchisor to make the deal.

Why use a franchise broker?

There’s an increasing number of franchise opportunities entering the U.S. market every year. This upward trend means prospective franchise owners have so many options to choose from, that they rely on franchise brokers to help narrow the field.

Using a franchise broker can help investors save time and money. Franchise lead brokers pre-qualify prospective franchisees and educate them about the purchase and operation of different franchises. Using a broker can introduce investors to new sectors or brands they hadn’t considered. Franchise brokers can also identify what territories are available for specific franchises, saving potential franchisees time before becoming too invested in specific brands.

How is Pinnacle different from a franchise broker?

At Pinnacle, we work on behalf of the franchise. Our goal is to effectively present the brand to both a franchise referral consultants and potential candidates so that they can make an educated decision about whether the franchise is a good fit for them.

We’re not franchise brokers, but we do have strong relationships with brokers who have experience in vetting clients for franchisors. We educate our brokers on the brands we represent so that they can match up suitable candidates. We have an established relationship with FranNet, a highly trusted and experienced franchise broker. Other brokers we work with include:

  • FranServe
  • IFPG (International Franchise Partners Group)
  • TES (The Entrepreneur’s Source)
  • TYN (The YOU Network)
  • BAI (Business Alliance Inc)
  • FBA (Franchise Brokers Association)
  • FCC (Franchise Consulting Company)

How Pinnacle works with franchise brokers

We’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years and work closely with many top franchise brokers. Brokers know that if Pinnacle backs a brand, their clients are in the best hands.

All the brokers we deal with have full access to our team. We’re in frequent communication with them to discuss potential candidates or assist with any questions they may have regarding the different franchise brands we represent.

When working with franchise referral consultants and their clients, we know that communication is critical. We keep the consultant informed throughout the process and work as a team to keep the client progressing as they conduct their due diligence. Our team is responsible for the franchise sales process from start to finish.

Why relationships with franchise leads brokers are vital

At Pinnacle, we understand the power of franchise broker leads. Strong relationships with the best franchise brokers are an important focus for us. We can drive the best franchise leads for your franchise using our franchise broker networks. According to FranConnect’s Franchise Sales Index, one of the top sources of deals in 2020 was a franchise referral consultant. And at Pinnacle, more than 75% of our closed deals for franchises are completed using franchise broker groups alone. Both these stats highlight the importance of establishing solid relationships with franchise sales brokers to help grow your franchise.

At Pinnacle Franchise Development, we help our brands reach and exceed their franchising goals. With over 40 years of experience, we understand the ins and outs of how successful franchises work. Contact us today to find out more about about our franchise development services and how we can help grow your brand.