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At Pinnacle, we walk our clients through the entire franchise sales process from beginning to end. Our team offers expert knowledge, whether you’re new to the franchising world or an established brand seeking a fresh approach to your development efforts.

We assist in franchise branding evaluation, presentation, and networking with franchise brokers to guide lead generation. In addition, each of our clients receives a dedicated outsourced franchise sales representative to help you on your journey to finding the right franchise owner for your brand.

Our Franchise Sales Process

Our process involves communicating with candidates on your behalf using phone calls, texts and emails to keep them engaged throughout the process. During this early phase, candidates are also conducting their own research and due diligence to discover your brand while we’re learning about them and determining if they’re the right fit for your franchise business.

In our initial onboarding phase, we work closely with our franchisors to determine the right time to introduce your executive team into the sales process. This is typically after we’ve already educated the candidate about your brand and undertaken our own assessment to ensure they qualify as a franchisee for your business

How We Work With Franchisors

At Pinnacle, we aim to help take the sales load off of you so you can focus on running a smooth business operation and supporting your existing franchisees. We’ll keep you informed of our progress every step of the way so you can rest assured that we are meeting your goals. We’re passionate about transparency and provide details around why (or why not) a candidate is progressing through the process.

We respect your time, so we’ll bring you into the sales process after the discovery phase to ensure you only deal with well-prepared and qualified candidates. We’ll also provide you with details of what to expect when meeting with a candidate and ensure we invite your key team members to get involved at the correct phase.

Finally, we’ll collaborate with your team to develop the most effective sales process for your brand, educating candidates on your behalf to save your team time and energy for when it’s time to complete the deal.

Our Relationship With Franchise Brokers

We serve as a liaison to introduce your brand to franchise broker groups. Franchise consultants, or broker groups, are an excellent source for franchise lead generation. They work directly with potential candidates, educating them about your brands and finding the right match for you and the candidate.

Franchise broker groups typically hold a range of webinars, local events, and annual conferences. At Pinnacle, we have established relationships with these groups to represent your brand at these events. Franchise consultants often have hundreds of franchise brands vying for their attention, but we’ll help your brand stay top of mind with brokers, utilizing our strong relationships and solid reputation.

We use several channels to communicate with broker groups. Here are some of the ways we keep in touch:

  • Weekly: Your development manager speaks to various broker groups to discuss opportunities for promoting your brand. Options may include your Pinnacle rep representing your brand in local webinars with prospective candidates.
  • Monthly: We distribute monthly email campaigns on behalf of your brand to each franchise broker group you choose to join.
  • Deal announcements: The best way to get a franchise consultant’s attention is to show your success! Any time we close a deal, we submit deal announcements to brokers. We also post announcements on social media to share the good news!

Roles In The Sales Process

Our team will be responsible for facilitating the agreements and memberships with the financial broker groups of your choosing. We’ll complete all application processes, including profile information and marketing materials. Your role will involve signing agreements and fulfilling billing requirements.

We’ll coordinate the introductory webinars, coaching you throughout the process to effectively present to broker groups as a team with your Pinnacle representative. We believe it’s important to attend conferences, so we can personally introduce you to the franchise consultants. Having your founder or CEO meet with individual consultants can help them better understand your story, purpose, and vision, which can help build a deeper connection to your brand.

Why Pinnacle?

Pinnacle collaborates with you to develop the most effective franchising sales process for your brand. Our dedicated team fully immerses themselves in your brand so we can confidently represent it.

For us, brand development and franchise business development require more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we customize our franchise development services to your needs and work closely with you to understand your strategic objectives. We see ourselves as a part of your team, so your success is our success. We offer a personalized approach to franchise development, so if you’re ready to reach new heights with your business, get in touch with us today.