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When it comes to franchising your business, getting the right support is critical to your success. Here at Pinnacle Franchise Development, we’ve created a comprehensive franchise process that supports the businesses we work with from start to finish.

Our team takes real pride in the work we do, whether you’re just starting out or are an established brand looking to take your business to the next level. In addition to our extensive experience, we also maintain a wide network of brokers and other professionals to ensure you have access to the best minds in the industry.

Because we want our clients to be fully informed of our process, we’ve created this helpful guide. Here’s what you can expect when you team up with us.

Getting Started

The process begins with an introductory call with our executive team members, which ensures we can tailor our franchise development services to your specific needs. During the call, we’ll discuss your business concept, your goals, and how we can help. Next, we’ll conduct an internal meeting to discuss what we learned and go over your franchise disclosure document.

Lory Meyerson is founder and president of Pinnacle Franchise Development and has a natural instinct for identifying compelling business concepts and turning them into franchise success stories. Her depth of knowledge and experience is an invaluable piece of our ultimate determination. If we find that Pinnacle is a good fit for your business, we’ll draw up a proposal for your approval. With your agreement, we are off to the races.


The onboarding process is a multi-faceted series of steps.

Step #1

First, you’ll meet the marketing and accounting team, as well as your dedicated franchise development manager. We will request as much information from you regarding your brand that we can get our hands on.

Step #2

Once we receive brand information from you, we will perform an in-depth brand review. This audit includes a thorough review of your current marketing efforts, and the industry your business occupies as well as your competition. At this stage, we will look for ways to elevate your brand and make introductions to some additional vendors if needed who can bolster your enterprise.

Step #3

Based on our findings, we will develop an optimal sales strategy. Our team will strive to tell your brand’s story as well as you can!

Step #4

Marketing is crucial to sales, so we will create the supporting sales marketing materials that our team needs to effectively present your brand, including webinar presentations, email campaigns, and other outreach efforts.

Step #5

Once the sales process and sales marketing materials are completed, Pinnacle is ready to present your business to our network of brokers! Together, we will decide the most compatible group (or groups) for your brand and that fit within your budget. As a Pinnacle partner, you will enjoy excellent incentives from some of the top networks.

Variable matters notwithstanding, the entire onboarding process usually takes between 60 and 90 days to complete.

Ongoing Support

Upon successful onboarding, your dedicated franchise development manager will maintain ongoing communication, provide candidate updates, and report pipeline progress.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle will be leading and educating your potential clients from initial contact to preparation of the franchise agreement. We will actively seek out opportunities to ensure your franchise remains relevant among your industry’s leading minds and entrepreneurs by representing your brand in webinars, conferences, and events. All you have to do is get your training team in order because once your candidates sign, they will be coming to you!

Ready for Step 1?

Our team at Pinnacle Franchise Development believes in our process and are always happy to discuss it with businesses in search of expanding their brands far and wide. If you’d like more information on what we can do for you, feel free to contact franchise experts today to get started.