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Of the millions of candidate investors out there, tens of thousands will become franchise buyers. Potential investors can be male or female, live in any US state, and stem from any generation. Yet, that doesn’t mean franchise lead generation is a walk in the park. Today’s franchise leaders are always hustling to find qualified candidates, network with broker groups, and keep their businesses growing.

Consulting with experts in the field can not only provide you with strategic direction, but also connect you with the resources you need to keep your digital marketing engine running. With over 40 years of combined experience, Pinnacle Franchise Development is a team support effort that leads to tangible results.

Accelerate Your Success with Franchise Lead Generation Consulting

Franchisors vary widely in their franchise lead generation needs. Pinnacle Franchise Development delivers analysis and consulting to meet you where you are and fill in any gaps. Whether you need budgeting advice, strategic direction, networking opportunities, or full-service lead management, we are your trusted partner in the franchise sales process.

“We’ve had some tremendous growth and sales, the whole Pinnacle team has really done a great job for us. I don’t know that we would have had the same type of results if it wasn’t for Pinnacle and our relationship with them.”

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Gain Proven Strategies for Securing Greater Franchise Leads

Diversified strategies most effectively capture steady streams of qualified franchise leads.

  • Brokers can provide a higher caliber of pre-qualified lead, which is why we connect you with the best networking organizations, including FranNet, FranServe, the Franchise Brokers Association, IFPG , BAI, and others. We help you find a good fit in building your referral network, so you gain the service you need, while keeping commission fees reasonable.
  • Organic leads take slightly longer to close and require higher volume, but this wellspring of affordable publicity and interested prospects is especially necessary for emerging brands. Our educational content and vendor connections save your executive team’s time and energy.

A dedicated team guiding you every step of the way makes all the difference, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to turbocharge your growth and scale your potential.

“Pinnacle has a great relationship with broker networks and know how to best understand how to navigate their needs, what they are looking for, and which is a good fit for our brand. They have been fantastic in helping us position our model to find the right fit. They’ve also introduced us to additional vendors and networks that as an emerging brand, we would not have known about or had access to that are helping grow our brand.”

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Start Networking to Build Your Franchise Sales Lead Generation Pipeline

Joining multiple groups of franchise brokers sets you up for optimal success. Pinnacle Franchise Development’s years of network experience ensures you get in front of the right consultants and identify the right candidates. We help franchisors coordinate membership — including some perks for being a Pinnacle brand — and assist you in handling everything from facilitating launch calls and updating portals, to conducting monthly outreach and organizing one-on-one discussions with top brokers about your brand.

Multi-Channel Franchise Consultant Leads in a Digital Era

There is no one “best” answer that produces guaranteed franchise consultant leads. Heavy investment in web development means precious little if there are no SEO efforts to help people find your website. On the other hand, what good is SEO if prospects are bouncing off your site due to poor content or lack of user-friendly features within minutes? Social media can be an excellent way to target and reach potential candidates based on personality, lifestyle, and territory. Experience working with the different platforms can be extremely valuable in helping to determine how much of your marketing budget to spend.

“Since we started with Pinnacle a lot has changed. We had 4 franchisees signed, 2 open. Now we have close to 60 signed and we’re opening our 21st in two weeks. The potential franchisees that they bring to us are far more qualified and prepared than our organic leads were previously. We’ve also grown our corporate staff from 2 to 10, and I don’t think any of that would have happened if we had not brought on Pinnacle when we did.”

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Knowledge + Resources = Franchise Leads for Franchisors

Gain introductions to partner vendors who can meet your needs for PPC, SEO, web development, digital marketing services, and more. For decades, Pinnacle Franchise Development has built high-quality relationships with the best in the industry. All vendors have been researched and vetted as a resource for the franchisors who work with our team. We play a hands-on role in our clients’ digital marketing efforts — monitoring progress, offering insights, and collaborating with vendors.

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