A Macaron and BakeShop Franchise

The Woops! franchise capitalizes on two important trends: customers are increasingly seeking boutique, high-quality neighborhood sources for espresso and artisanal baked goods; and globally popular desserts like the classic French macaron are rising in popularity.

"We provide our customers with the rare experience of getting artisanal European-styled food for remarkably affordable prices," says Raj Bhatt, co-founder of Woops! "Our average ticket is anywhere from $8 to $10, which is incredibly affordable for the quality of treats our customers are buying. From the franchisee's perspective, these small tickets add up quickly. The 16 locations we have in the New York and the tri-State area are always busy. These locations are profitable because all of our products are fast-frozen at our artisanal bakery and are quickly shipped to our other locations for a very reasonable cost. Our fast-frozen methods allow us to retain the high level of flavor that our growing base of customers loves about our products."

The Woops! executive team has first-hand experience both as franchisees and franchisors. They devised an extremely simple business model for each of its franchise options: the in-line bakery and the macaron kiosk.